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Join us for a webinar on May 10th at 12pm, we'll outline the harmful impacts of student debt on the South and of the some policies available to reduce student debt.

College degrees have become increasingly necessary to attain work, while the cost of postsecondary education continues to be burdensome. In addition to the Biden-Harris Administration’s efforts to provide student debt relief, there are several alternative ways borrowers can access relief through programs like Income-Driven Repayment or Public Service Loan Forgiveness. This information can be confusing to many people, even those eligible to have their debt lessened.

Student Debt Relief is a unique issue throughout the South. MDC has worked to alleviate this burden through the Southern Partnership to Reduce Debt, demonstrating how our region faces restricted economic mobility while incurring and compounding debt over the course of one’s life.

Register for our May 10th webinar to learn more about MDC’s model for the North Carolina Student Debt Relief Coalition and how philanthropy and nonprofits can bring a similar model to their own state.

Webinar: Inequitable Burden of Student Debt on Southerners. May 10, 2023; 12:00 pm-1:15 pm Click the button below for more info and to register.  

We look forward to seeing you on May 10th!

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Partner & Project Highlights


Rural Development and Prosperity

MDC discusses statewide "Rural Week" in Daily Tarheel

On March 20, Gov. Roy Cooper proclaimed "Rural Week" as a celebration of the rural communities in the state.

Many organizations and municipalities are specifically addressing the needs of underserved rural areas across North Carolina.

Calvin Allen is the vice president of partnerships and programs atMDC — an organization that in part strives to advance economic mobility, including in rural communities, by supporting southern community leaders. 

Allen said policies are often centered on major urban areas, which often leaves out rural communities. He added Rural Week brought awareness to the "innovation and creativity" in rural communities.

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Rural Forward facilitates Community Health Forum

A Community Health Forum — “Our Health Matters” — was held on March 4 on the campus of Halifax Community College. The event was sponsored by the Roanoke Valley Breast Cancer Coalition and the Gregory B. Davis Foundation, with a primary purpose to galvanize the community to work together to build a healthy community that would improve overall health outcomes.

The forum was a part of an effort primarily funded by the CDC Foundation under the Partnership Vaccine Equity effort with support from local and state partners, North Carolina Community Engagement Alliance and the Roanoke Valley Community Health Initiative of ECU Health.

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MDC News


We're Hiring! Application Deadline, May 5, 5:00 pm

MDC seeks a Human Resource Manager to coordinate all administrative and programmatic activities related to MDC’s personnel.

This newly created position will be key in our growing organization, focusing on both the nuts and bolts of HR (e.g., developing strategic recruitment and retention strategies, onboarding and exiting staff, implementing systems for managing staff benefits and payroll) – as well as establishing new approaches and practices within the HR domain that build a culture of trust and transparency.

From employee relations to compliance issues, the HR Manager will be a key player in helping the organization run smoothly.


Welcome to the new members of the MDC team!

Harrison Dale is a Program Administrator with a passion for social and racial justice, equity, and economic mobility. At MDC, he primarily helps the Economic Security and Mobility team develop programs and implement them through both outreach and internal support.

Laterria Lassiter is a Program Manager for the NC Home-based Child Care Initiative (HBCC) at MDC. Her experience as a home based childcare provider, in addition to her background in early childhood education provide the empathy and perspective to connect and build relationships with child care providers and caregivers across the state.

Nina Rivers is a program administrator at MDC. She has always had a passion for advocating for underserved communities in the South. Nina's work in political organizing allowed her to see the challenges that many Southern communities face accessing resources and economic opportunity.



The State of the South


ICYMI: Watch the video from our Build Up Initiative Webinar!

Check out video from our recent webinar: Putting People First for Equitable and Effective Social Services Delivery. 

MDC and its Build Up partners share insights from the development of the first ISD Network (Guilford Success Network) and how community organizations, philanthropy, governments, healthcare systems, and health insurers can partner with MDC and Build Up to create ISD Networks with and in more communities. 

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"An Evening of Music and Storytelling" at Rebel Rebel. Photos courtesy Erica Chambers Photography

Images from"An Evening of Music and Storytelling" at True South:Central Appalachia

Check out the gallery of incredible images from "An Evening of Music and Storytelling" at Rebel Rebel in Berea, Kentucky featuring:

Frank X. Walker, the first African American writer to be named Kentucky Poet Laureate, Frank X Walker is Professor of English and African American and Africana Studies at the University of Kentucky in Lexington.

Cornbread & Tortillas, a collective of Appalachian and Latino artists based in Kentucky whose mission is to build community by sharing art, music, dance, and cultural heritage.

Images courtesy Erica Chambers Photography. 

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